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With over two decades of experience, we specialize in customized soundproofing and acoustic treatment solutions for a variety of industries. 

About Us

we bring expertise to every campaign, ensuring tangible results.

From broadcasting studios to educational facilities, hospitality venues, commercial spaces, and beyond, we ensure optimal acoustics tailored to your specific needs. 

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broadcasting studios, educational studios, hospitality venues, commercial spaces, healthcare facilities, retail stores, public institutions, gyms and fitness centers, event spaces, residential buildings, and industrial facilities.

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Facilitate effective communication and discussions


Ensure clear sound transmission within theaters

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"The soundproofing solutions provided by Sound Krafted transformed our recording studio! Now we can produce high-quality audio without any external noise interference. Highly recommended!"

-Saadaan Peerzada Composer

"Thanks to Sound Krafted's acoustic treatment, our classroom environment has improved significantly. Students can now focus better during lectures, leading to improved academic performance."

-Urooj Principal

"The soundproofing in our home theater by Sound Krafted exceeded our expectations! Movie nights are now truly immersive experiences. Great job!"

-Ali Imtiaz Business Man

"I'm impressed by the professionalism and expertise of the Sound Krafted team. They provided tailored soundproofing solutions for our hotel's podcast studio, enhancing guest experiences."

- Farheen Zia Hotel Manager

"Our courtroom recording rooms now capture clear audio thanks to Sound Krafted's soundproofing solutions. They ensured accurate legal proceedings, making our job easier."

- Saboor Ali Session Judge

"The soundproofing in our fitness class studio by Sound Krafted has made a world of difference! Now our members can enjoy energetic workouts without disturbances. Highly recommended!"

- Farhan Zafar Gym Instructor

"I can't thank Sound Krafted enough for the excellent soundproofing in our event space. Live performances sound fantastic, and attendees are impressed by the acoustics. Truly top-notch work!"

- Mumtaz Ali Event organizer

"The media room soundproofing done by Sound Krafted has transformed our home entertainment experience. We can enjoy movies and gaming without bothering our neighbors. Fantastic job!"

- Zafar Iqbal Job Holder

"Our telemedicine rooms now provide a private and quiet space for consultations, thanks to Sound Krafteds soundproofing solutions. Patients appreciate the confidentiality and clear communication."

- Azhar Shah Doctor

"The soundproofing solutions from Sound Krafted have made a significant impact on our retail store. Customers enjoy a peaceful shopping experience, and our staff can communicate clearly. Couldn't be happier!"

- Mubashir Riaz Doctor

"The acoustics in our conference rooms have improved dramatically after implementing soundproofing solutions by [Your Company Name]. Meetings are more productive, and attendees are more engaged. Highly recommended!"

- FCC Chairman

"Thanks to Sound krafted's soundproofing expertise, our industrial control rooms now operate smoothly with minimal noise interference. The team's professionalism and attention to detail were commendable."

- Alam Azhar Chairman

"Our music practice rooms are now perfect for focused learning sessions, thanks to Sound Krafted's soundproofing solutions. Students can practice without disturbing others, creating a conducive learning environment."

- Kashif Nisar Music Teacher

"The soundproofing solutions provided by Sound Krafted for our luxury apartments have exceeded our expectations. Residents enjoy peace and quiet, enhancing their quality of life. Thank you!"

- Shahzad Rehman Builder

"I'm impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of Sound Krafted. Their soundproofing solutions for our restaurant's private dining areas have enhanced the overall dining experience for our guests. Highly recommend their services!"

- Chaudhry Jahangir Manager

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